Need to know more about the Cloud?

So when did it all start?

Cloud based technologies are no longer emerging technologies. This might come as a surprise but it all started in 1960 with J.C.R. Licklider, although many believe the word “cloud computing” in its modern context occurred in 2006 when the Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the word at a conference.   With this being said, the cloud still is new to many of us, so new that the word “cloud computing” still doesn’t appear in the Oxford English Dictionary.


But what is “The Cloud”?

Some say that the cloud is a metaphor for the internet. When people refer to cloud storage they mean that you are able to upload any information you would like, in order to store and save it onto remote online servers located anywhere around the world via the internet from any device, instead of your computer’s hard drive. These servers are maintained, managed and backed up and allows the user to view their files by simply accessing the server and viewing the information.

Cloud computing also involves connecting to remote computing infrastructure via a network, but that infrastructure includes shared processing power, software and other resources. This frees users from having to constantly update and maintain their software and systems.

Gone are the days where you are expected to go into the office in order to complete certain tasks due to software being stored onto the office server or on your local desktop or laptop. Remote connectivity also proved to be a problem as permission would need to be given in order to gain access and there wasn’t always someone close to the PC that you were trying to connect to in the event that something went wrong.

Cloud computing takes the hassle out of having to be grounded to a specific location and gives the assurance that your system is constantly being managed, upgraded and maintained without you even knowing.


What about Cloud Time and Attendance?

Time and attendance in general is one area often ignored by businesses. Employers will rather use outdated and complicated systems that in the long run will have a negative impact on the growth of their company.

However, should you move your organization to Uniclox’s Enterprise Platinum Cloud Time and Attendance software, you can start saving money and use your time to focus on your organizations growth.

The benefits of having your Time and Attendance solution in the cloud is that you will be assured the safety and integrity of your system based on the fact that it is constantly backed up and accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have rights to the software and a stable internet connection. The software is constantly maintained, even without your knowledge to ensure accurate communications and calculation. This way you will be able to save on your IT budget.

Using an offline time and attendance system costs time and money spent on monthly payroll activities. Cloud based time and attendance software is automated, no need for your payroll team to spend the extra time on clerical tasks.

With Enterprise Platinum Cloud Time and Attendance software, you only pay for the capacity you need to use at that time. You can scale upwards or downwards depending on the need. This can be especially helpful for companies that have fluctuating or seasonal workforce.


So what better way to maintain your Time and Attendance clocking system than having it in the cloud? Data is uploaded to the software and is then calculated according to the shifts configured on your system which have been customised according to your requirements. Our software can integrate with a number of payrolls, making payment for your employees quick and easy.


We know, change can be difficult, but imagine the convenience of being able to access employee data from literally anywhere in the world.  Uniclox’s Enterprise Platinum Cloud Solution is the perfect cloud solution from small businesses, to bigger enterprises.


So go ahead. What are you waiting for? Contact our Sales Executives to discuss the variety of options we have available on offer on 011 439 2000 or email us on Let us help you see the future of Time and Attendance.

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