Refer and Earn

Earning a little extra on the side has never been easier with Uniclox’ s ‘Refer and Earn’ initiative, due to recommendations from our customers. Earn anywhere from R500 upwards dependent on the size of the sale by simply following these few easy steps. It is just our little way of saying thank you for helping us provide yet another customised solution to a new client.

  1. The Refer and Earn Program is owned, operated and promoted by Uniclox.
  2. These terms and conditions may at the discretion of Uniclox, be amended from time to time without notice. However the latest version of these terms and conditions will be available on the Uniclox webpage at and will be the duty of the Referrer to ensure that they are familiar with the terms.
  3. When the Referrer refers a new Customer via our ‘Refer and Earn’ program, the Referrer agrees to be bound and accepts these terms and conditions.
  4. Should the Referrer not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions that person will not be able to participate in this ‘Refer and Earn’ commission earning program.
  5. “The Referrer” is the person who referred a customer via our webpages ‘Refer and Earn’ program.
  6. Referral commissions are only applicable and payable for all brand new and successful sales within 6 months from date of the referral received by Uniclox and Uniclox received full and final payment of the invoice from the new Customer.
  7. All referral commission received is taxable.
  8. Commission can range from R500 to R5000 and is calculated based on selected Uniclox solution/s that was purchased and paid for in full and is not negotiable.
  9. Uniclox will not be responsible for incorrect banking information provided by the Referrer for payment of any commission earned and all payments will only be done in South African Rand to the Referrer only and is not transferable. If a company has one registered company name, yet multiple businesses under that name, it counts as one referral.
  10. A new lead will be a lead that Uniclox has never received before – thus never been quoted, contacted or dealt with by Uniclox ever before.
  11. All leads for this campaign must be done via our Uniclox webpage ‘Refer and Earn’ Tab and authorised by our Management.
  12. The individual/company that you refer must be in the market for a Uniclox related solution, and must be made aware that a Uniclox Sales Executive will be contacting them.
  13. Phone Referrals – will not be taken into consideration for the competition.
  14. All Uniclox Employees are excluded from this program.
  15. Nothing in these terms, conditions and rules shall be construed as creating a relationship of employment, partnership and principal between the Referrer and Uniclox.
  16. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the program, Uniclox has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or civil or and/or criminal action against the Referrer concerned, and all commission accrued and un-redeemed, through the program will be forfeited or recovered.
  17. This program and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Uniclox, which has the right, without limitation, to unilaterally change, limit, modify or cancel the program rules at any time and may, without limit action, change certain third party relationships and service providers, conditions of participation, rules for earning commission.
  18. Uniclox may without limitation and unilaterally terminate the program at any time upon reasonable notice provided that no alteration, amendment or termination of the programme will affect commission that have accrued at such time.
  19. Uniclox will not be liable for losses, damages, costs or expenses arising in any way because of errors, defects, interruptions, malfunctions or delays.
    a. Turnstiles and boom gates
    b. Software
    c. Installation costs including but not limited to labour & travel
    d. Clock cards
    e. Any Clock Movements and related products

Superior performance is not, never has been, nor will it ever be, the by-product of ordinary efforts.

- Gary Ryan Blair