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This there are 3 possible reasons for this:

  1. When you load an employee onto the software, the badge number may not start with a 0. Remove the zero and test the employee’s clocking again.
  2. The employee may not be allocated to Terminal in the software. Insert the terminal and test the clocking again.
  3. The badge number may be incorrect. Check the number which appears on the clock and ensure that the number corresponds with the badge number on the software.

The punches need to be merged to the employee manually. Dependent on the software, the restoring process can easily be done with the assistance of one of our consultants. This is commonly referred to as ‘Restoring a poll file’.

The short answer is no. Terminals are not able to take Alpha numeric numbers hence the reason why badge numbers, on many occasions are not the same as employee numbers. The badge number may also not start with a 0. For example ‘001’. Instead the badge number should read as ‘1’.

There could be many factors. If you work with cleaning materials or any liquid which may contain an acid, then there would be an increased possibility of your fingerprint being rejected by the terminal. This is due to the acid that may have damaged the surface of the skin. It would usually be a scenario like this which would lead us to recommend a facial recognition clock to decrease the rejection rate. Another reason may be the weather. Particularly, cold weather. The colder the weather, the colder the hands, or in this case, fingers. If your fingers are cold then the blood flow to your fingers would be restricted and this causes the rejection rate to increase.

The short answer is no. The Uniclox Time and Attendance system is designed to work in conjunction with many payrolls, therefore, integration formats have been coded into our software to allow for the exporting of our hours into most prominent payroll systems which then allows for payment and a payslip to be generated.