UNICLOX vs COVID-19 (The Coronavirus)

UNICLOX vs COVID-19 (The Coronavirus)

With the announcement of the first Covid-19 cases that have been confirmed in South Africa, our country is faced with the daunting task of re-evaluating how we travel, work and interact with one another. Most of us have read some sort of article by now as to what methods we could use in order to avoid contracting the coronavirus and have started taking extra precautions in order to protect ourselves.

Here at Uniclox we even received a few enquiries about what precautions businesses can take in order to retrieve their employee clocking records, without having their staff making physical contact with a terminal- which is unfortunately impossible with a fingerprint scanner. As leaders in the Biometric Industry, we do however offer a simple solution to this problem by encouraging our clients to invest in a facial recognition terminal.

Uniclox has been supplying various types of facial recognition terminals to countries all over southern Africa.

Whether you require a simple solution for your daycare centre or a remote terminal for your farmworkers in the fields, Uniclox can supply the perfect “touch-free” device to suit your company requirements without having the fear of contamination. Not only can our devices record the hours an employee has worked on a daily basis, but also integrate with access control solutions providing “touchless’ movement within any premises.

The facial recognition terminal works by only requiring an employee to walk up to the terminal, looking into the lens. The terminal will then record the action and grant them access if applicable. No touching whatsoever!

For more information on current specials on our facial recognition terminals, our software or any other products you may be interested in, please call us on 011 439 2000 or email to info@uniclox.com.

Uniclox. Attending to our clients’ needs in a safer, more hygienic way.

Stay safe South Africa!